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2008/12/03 Mr. Makoto Yui (D3) received 4 Awards during the WebDB Forum 2008.
2008/09/26 Prof. Kato has received a Paper Award during the VRSJ Conference.
2008/09/23 Mr. Kenta Oku (D3) has receveid a Student Encouragament Award during the iDB2008.
2008/09/20 We organized a Photomosaic experience course during the Science and Technology program.
2008/09/07 We had a Lab's trip to Tomogashima (Wakayama Prefecture).
2008/08/25 We held NAIST Open Campus.
2008/08/03 The Assistant Professor Amano won the Best Demo Award during the Meeting on Pattern Recognition and Understanding 2008.
2008/07/23 We received students from Nishiyamato Gakuen School to experience research activity through the program SSH (Super Science High-School).
2008/06/30 We are accepting applications for the NAIST Summer Boot Camp 2008.
2008/06 Two of our students won the Distinguished Young Researcher Award during the jDBWS.
2008/05/25 Prof. Kato's research was exhibited during the e-mess Kanazawa 2008.
2008/05/15 On May 24th, our Lab will be opened for public visit during the NAIST Open Campus 2008.
2008/04/28 We held a welcome party for new Lab members.
2008/04/01 The assistant professor Prof. Nakajima was promoted to an associate professor at Kyoto Sangyo University. Our new assistant professor is Prof. Fujisawa.
2008/03 The student Mr. Michitoshi Yoshii (M2) has received the 2007 honorable award from The Institute of Electronic, Information and Communication Engineers.
2008/03/24 Mr.Reyn Nakamoto has received the Best Student Award (NAIST).
2008/03/07 We held farewell party.
2008/03/07 We held Spring Seminar.
2008/02/16 We held Open Campus.
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