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Mr. Makoto Yui (D3) has received 4 Awards during the WebDB Forum 2008.

On December 1st and 2nd, during the WebDB Forum 2008 held at the Gakushuin 100th Anniversary Hall, the student Mr. Makoto Yui (D3) received a total of 4 awards, including a Student Encouragement Award and 3 Corporative Awards.

The Student Encouragement Award is an award given to outstanding publications. The Corporative Award has a different point of view, different of the academic perspective, and Mr. Makoto Yui received the award from Gree Corporation, Cyber Agent Corporation and Cybozu / Cybozu Labs Corporation.

Some reasons for giving this award are listed below (from the WebDB Forum 2008 web page):

* Currently, the issues of the Many Core era are also becoming a challenge for the industry, and here the evaluation of experimental results are presented together with a significant real solution (Gree).

* In the B2C services of our company, the greatest relation of cost-effectiveness is 16 core performance, but this research approach has an challenging initiative more than that and also presents its evaluation (Cyber Agent).

* The essential and indispensable in the Many Core is investigated and evaluated (Cybozu / Cybozu Labs).

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