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Prof. Kato's research was exhibited during the e-mess Kanazawa 2008

From May 22nd to 24th, our Laboratory and the ATR Research Institution made an exhibition during the Ubiquitous Community 2008, an event held during the e-messe Kanazawa 2008, in Ishikawa's Prefecture.

In this exhibition, Prof. Kato and the student Tatsuya Hiramatsu (M1) presented primarily the research related to Augmented Reality (AR), where the participants could experiment the Magic Book (Virtual popup picture book) and the Magic Cup (Augmented Reality environment using a cup interface).

As the Magic Book is an object very familiar to the user and the visual content is very straightforward, many people, including adults and children, demonstrated big interest in this application. Particularly, the children's reaction was very impressive, also giving some feedback like "I want to touch the characters!" or "It is hard to read the book!". Regarding to the Magic Cup, an example of the AR technique application, we received many visitors interested in the application, especially for business purposes. It was also considered the most popular exhibition in a survey about the entire exhibition.

The exhibition was held during three days, receiving almost 50,000 visitors. The local media was also present, picking up our research contents frequently.


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