ISABEL 2011 conference trip

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Good morning,

This is Hyry.

I went to 4th International Symposium on Applied Sciences in Biomedical and Communication Technologies (ISABEL) conference which was held in Barcelona, Spain this year. Also Ass.Prof. Ikeda attended the same conference.

Conference venue and the hotel I stayed in was the same so I had easy access to everything.

Unfortunately I got sick on the way to the conference so most of the time I was trying to get better in bed. Probably due to cold air in the airplane. I still have the same flu here at NAIST so watch out for me, but I feel a bit better already.

I held my presentation about the Requirements guideline of Assistive Technology for Elderly late on Friday, the final day of the conference and I think most of the conference members had already left back to their countries, so not a lot of people attended our session on Ambient Assisted Living and Health Informatics. Either way, it was nice to be session chair for the first time and watch Dr. Ikeda present his current research in the same session. Attending people were interested in his topic a lot.

The conference however was very medically oriented so not a lot of topics were suitable for our field of research. There were a few interesting RFID topics and some Computer Vision related talks, but most of others I missed because of my illness.

Best thing about the trip was that University of Oulu Masters’ Student Ye Zhang won “Best Student Paper Award” which is going to make my professor Petri Pulli happy as Zhang is also one of his students.

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