MIRU 2017 at Hiroshima

This is Qirui Zhang, a D3 student. I am reporting my experience in MIRU 2017 at Hiroshima.

Hiroshima is a very peaceful city. There is a river running through, which makes the summer not so unbearable hot.

The cover photo of MIRU signboard is “A-bomb dome”

MIRU meeting is held near the site of famous “ A-Bomb Dome“, where a lot of tourists gather around middle of August anniversarily in memory of victims of Little Boy.









Hiroshima is also famous for its seafood.

Taketomi-Sensei treated me conger bowl(穴子丼).

In 3 days stay I ate 13 fried oysters(カキフライ) in total.






My poster presentation was at the third day, 8.10.

I am holding a Macbook, standing near my poster, waiting for audience to come, cheerfully.

It’s about refine upsampled depth image using re-weighted l1 minimization.

There are quite some visitors.

Most of them asked deep details of the algorithm, which made each conversation very long.

They also provided some advice from the view I never took before. Communication is really important in research.





I am satisfied with this trip.



APMAR 2017 at Beijing


I am Qirui Zhang, D3.

On 2nd July we (Taketomi Sensei, Akiyama Kun, me) arrived at Beijing to attend APMAR 2017. The taxi driver was good at talking and knew everything except Beijing map.  We reached hotel at 1:00 pm then we spent 1 hour at registration. After that we were led to the only restaurant still providing meal at that time and had lunch.

lunch at 2/7/2017

Purple dressing on the creamy stuff was dessert typically served before other dishes. Foreigners were usually surprised by such serving sequence. The red color pot was tomato juice boiled beef.




The other day afternoon I had a presentation. I realized I didn’t put enough description of my method in the slides after that.

Presentation of mine

The hall and seats were very Chinese style, very big chairs with tea serving. Old men at top who decide Chinese fate also have meetings in the same style.

And the big red stripe of APMAR hanging below the celling. Very nostalgic to me.



A presentation of prostate in augmented reality.

This is an interesting talk about how to realize a prostate in augmented reality. It was unlike main stream to render things with graphic technique that this research really physically builds a real simulator of prostate for touch check training of doctors. I didn’t remember the presenter’s name.

A talk of using curve features in SFM.




This presentation is about a research using Bezier-Splines to interpolate 3D points reconstructed form SFM and minimizing rep-rojection errors of such interpolated 3d points.

It’s my favorite presentation. I talked this the presenter Laurent Kneip and paper author Zhirui Wang outside of the meeting hall afterwards.


Beijing Duck

Last day in Beijing we spent most of our time eating. We ate Beijing Duck. Beijing Duck looked good.








Chinese Breakfast.

I happened to meet a staff from BIT dinning hall, who is from my hometown and makes meat buns(NIKU MAN) for breakfast there. I liked the meat buns.





Tian-an-men Square

it was Akiyama’s first visit to China. So we went to take pictures of Tian-an-men. It is the symbol of Beijing. On the building there is a slogan says “The Union of people from all of the world lasts long!”




After all, APMAR was a interesting meeting. I met researchers sharing common interests, and it was very nostalgic trip for me to visit BIT again since I graduated there.

APMAR 2017

Hello everyone. I’m Ryo Akiyama, D1 student.

We attended APMAR 2017 (Asia Pacific Workshop on Mixed and Augmented Reality) on 3rd July. This year, APMAR was held in Beijing Institute of Technology. From IMD lab, Qirui and I attended to this conference this year.

group photo






The conference began with Keynote Speech by Prof. Nassir Navab. The talk was about Augmented Reality(AR) application for medical field. Recently, many high quality medical equipments have been invented, but their interfaces are too complex and difficult to use freely. Prof. Navab thinks AR interfaces are very powerful for solving this problem. In addition, we can visualize inside of our body by using AR, and it is helpful for surgery or education.

Keynote speech by Prof. Nassir Navab







In oral session, we listened to many talks about recent AR, MR research. There are 22 oral presentation and 6 posters, and both Qirui and I also presented in oral session. I presented about AR interfaces for IoT applications which we discussed in workshop between NAIST and KAIST. Qirui presented about his own research about depth map regularization using curvelet domain.

Presentation by Qirui







I felt that APMAR is suitable conference for sharing research information and discussing. Next APMAR in 2018 will be held in Taiwan. I will do my research project hard in order to attend next APMAR.

Thank you for reading!!

Open Campus@May 2017

Hello. I’m Fujiwara, M1 student.
I’d like to report about the open campus on 13th May, 2017.

In NAIST, open campus is held few times a year. We, Interactive Media Design Laboratory, presented some demo systems such as cycling support system, projection system that adjusts with ambient light, and 3D mapping system with a single camera. Fortunately, many people visited our laboratory despite rainy weather.

I presented a 3D mapping system with a single camera. It has been about a month since I came to this laboratory, so I had difficulty in explaining details of this research. I managed to present a demo thanks to the assistance of Mr. Zhang and Prof. Taketomi.

Additionally, some students who came to this event were also preparing for the NAIST entrance examination in July. I had been asked about essay and mathematical presentation a few times. I hope that this open campus will motivate upcoming students.
Finally, there were many things I learned through this open campus. I’m very glad if visitors got interested in Interactive Media Design Laboratory.

Welcome party

Nice to meet you, Here is Yuto Inamitsu M2.

It’s already May.

I think of the fact that one year passed since I entered the school, I feel the word that time flies.

This year, four M1s and six internships joined the Interactive Media Design Laboratory.

When I faced the face with M1 freshmen first, I felt that ” Were I similar to them?” for last year’s self.
It seems I have become accustomed to NAIST and this lab.

Well, one month has already passed since the entrance ceremony of the freshman, we had a welcome party for M1 and internship students.

They introduced themselves with their funny episodes, after that, each new member started to talk with members of the laboratory and eat Yakiniku!.

As a man who organized the welcome party this time, I was concerned whether they will get used to lab members or not., but see them after the welcome party I am relieved to see both of them were having fun talkings.


Internships from France

Struggling to come up with an funny episode

Sorry, this is the first time to write a blog post for me.
So it is doubtful whether the delightful atmosphere of a welcome party has been conveyed, but I think that this party has become a good start to living a research life for new students.

NHK Interview at NIFS in Kanoya

Hello everyone.

I am D2 Oral Kaplan.

During the last month, I have been to NIFS in Kanoya for a totally different purpose; to take part in an interview of NHK. Main topic was the system that we are trying to develop for supporting elderly and their training activities.

It was a quite fascinating experience for me, and I hope I can make the system better with each passing day. Who knows; thanks to all these efforts, one day I might even become a widely known individual in Japan ! 🙂

Below are the photos of Prof. Yasuhide Yoshitake from NIFS in Kanoya being interviewed and Prof. Takafumi Taketomi enjoying the game with him. I also managed to get some screen time during out short meeting! 🙂

2017 graduation ceremony

Hello, I am M1 student Mizuki Ando.

The graduation ceremony was held in NAIST on 24th March.
It was good weather and it was very suitable for the graduation ceremony.

This year, 3 master students graduated from Interactive Media Lab.
Congratulation on your graduation!!

At the same time, Shalika-san graduated in the autumn of this year received the NAIST Best Student Award. Congratulations!!!!

Thank you very much for your help in the past year.
In the mind what we learned from you, we will do my best to be a good senior to lead M1 students.

Graduation isn’t the end of a tough journey. It is the beginning of a beautiful one.
We wish you the very best in your personal and professional lives.

Thank-you and Farewell Party 2017

Hello, this is Ryosuke Mori,  M1 student in IMD lab.
M2 students held “Thank you Party and Farewell party” for teachers on 17th March.
This party is all planned by M2 students for the teachers.
It was held in Namba, and almost all the IMD members participated in.

First, we enjoyed eating, drinking, and talking freely.
After we got a speech from the teachers to the 5 people leaving the laboratory this time.

Speech by Kato-sensei

After the great speeches, graduating students gave presents for three teachers and Ueno-san(Secretary of our lab).

Gift for kato-sensei

And Current students send presents to five people leaving the laboratory.

Gift for graduated people

It was a very nice party.
I’m very happy to be a member of this lab.

I feel like there’s a hole in my heart.
And, I wonder I can be such a nice student like them next year…

Anyway, congratulations!!
I wish their great success at the new place.

Lab members, in front of the Kuidaore Taro

Cleaning Day

Hello. This is Matsui. I’m an M1 student in IMD Lab.

We cleaned our laboratory room on 15th March. Laboratory members cleaned not only floor but also outside/inside of windows, drawers and so on !

We carried out from 11 AM to 5 PM. Our laboratory became tidy and clean.



I hope this condition will be kept for a long time .

Internship at University of Oulu -final report-

I’m Yuma Ouchi, M1 student. I have finished internship for one month at University of Oulu, so I would like to make a final report on it.

As I wrote in the interim report, I learned the basis of multi-view stereo in this internship. The reason for setting this theme is that it is an important task to generate 3D models from 2D images of human in my research.

The above images are 3D point cloud generated using multi-view stereo algorithm. The left is obtained from 16 input images, and the right is obtained from 312 input images. From this result, we can see that 3D reconstruction with multi-view stereo requires many input images.

I would like to realize 3D reconstruction using as few cameras as possible in a large space. Therefore, it turned out that it is insufficient only with multi-viewpoint stereo approach. Therefore, it turned out that the current multi-viewpoint stereo approach alone is insufficient. Ultimately, Prof.Janne proposed a method using machine learning, so the direction that I should address in the future was clarified.

Next, I would like to mention Finland.  The temperature will be less than -10 ° C under the influence of radiation cooling phenomenon on sunny days. At that time it was the limit to walk outside of 10 minutes. However, life in Oulu was very comfortable. There was a shopping mall in one minute on foot from the hotel, and some stores were open late at night. And, above all, the cityscape is beautiful.

Although it was a short period, I had a valuable experience. I would like to engage in research by taking advantage of experience in Oulu.