Participation at the KJMR2013

by Marc Ericson C. Santos (Doctor 1 Student)

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the Korea-Japan Workshop on Mixed and Augmented Reality with Kato-sensei, Taketomi-sensei, Yuichiro and Angie. The organizers were correct when they described KJMR as a friendly conference aimed at discussing research, especially those who are just starting their thesis. I think the conference has three goals:

1. To discuss research ideas with preliminary results and get advice how to proceed from the top experts in Japan

2. To practice paper presentations and improve papers in preparation for bigger conferences

3. To build human connections (as Kato-sensei recommends)

Indeed, I realized that Japan and Korea has a strong community of researchers in the field of Mixed Reality.

I think my presentation went well and other researchers encouraged me to continue with the approach that I chose. I got two questions from my presentation:

1. Define “Simple” in Simple Authoring Tool for Teachers. – Tomohiro Kuroda (Kyoto U)

Answer: Interface that is simple enough for teachers to use, as opposed to programming-heavy or low-level interfaces.

2. Do you think your “Participatory Design Model” applies to other applications? – Takeshi Kurata (Tsukuba U)

Answer: I’ve thought about this before. But now, I want to use this model for this specific application. Actually, this model is an instance of a model wherein the Developer has two users A and B, with User B also a user of User A. In this case, the developer needs to support 3 connections: Developer <– User A, Developer <– User B and User B <– User A (wherein <– means “user of” relationship.)

The conference was held at Okinawa at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Seaside hotel. Okinawa is famous for the beach, pork and seaweeds. I very happy to have tried so many Okinawa dishes and social activities. Here is my experience of the conference in pictures:

Kato-sensei has so much energy. He hosted the KJMR2013 midnight session!

View from the conference venue

During the Banquet at Shimabutaya. The main dish is steamed pork and beef with vegetables, and we got to try so many Okinawa-style side dishes. From left to right is Angie, Kuroda-sensei, Taketomi-sensei and Nakashima-sensei.

Because of the weather, the organizers moved the schedule of the snorkeling activity. The three of us enjoyed seeing the Blue Lagoon and feeding tropical fishes.

Kato-sensei said he found a good restaurant that serves Okinawa food. He took as to a steak house. (He did mentioned that Okinawa used to be a US base and is quite americanized.)


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