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The conference will be held at The University of South Australia, City West Campus (The pictures below are the building we will be having the conference and the conference map).

Conference Map (PDF)


Hotel Location Map

You can find some hotels near the University of South Australia, City West Campus. As you may be aware at the time of the conference Adelaide is also hosting a significant sporting event (the Ashes). This is creating shortages of hotels in the conference location. There are still rooms available in the immediate area of the conference but you need to book your accommodation quickly in order to secure a close location. We have created a map with various hotels marked on with the availability as of 7th of October. We have also marked the conference venue and the conference dinner on this map.

ICAT 2010 Hotels

We have also located several hotels in the CBD but close to the Tram which is a free service to the door of the conference venue. This tram also continues to the beach (for a fee) which I have marked a number of hotels as well. Be aware that if you stay on the beach it will take some time to get into the city for the conference and will not be as convenient.

If the hotels are gone you can also use this link.

To locate more hotels in the city with available rooms. Please make sure you don't book a hotel that is significant walking distance from either the tram line (We have marked this on the google map above) or the conference venue.

About Adelaide

Adelaide is the capital city of the Australian state of South Austraria.