Interactive Media Design Laboratory

Kato-Sandor Laboratory

Our vision is to introduce Augmented Reality into the everyday lives of everyone on this planet. Augmented Reality is a technology that enhances human vision with computer generated graphics. In order to achieve our vision, it is imperative to merge three currently distinct research fields into one: Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, and Human-Computer Interaction. The lab is co-directed by Professor Hirokazu Kato and Associate Professor Christian Sandor and includes several assistant professors, postdocs, graduate students and visitors.


  • 2017/11/04 Tatsuya Nakajima and Shuichi Otani won the Credit Saison Award in Ritsumeikan University Venture Contest.
  • 2017/8/26 We held our laboratory's 10th year anniversary party in Osaka.
  • 2017/7/02 Qirui Zhang and Ryo Akiyama presented their work in APMAR.   
  • 2017/6/27 ISUVR was held at NAIST for three consecutive days.
  • 2017/5/13 We introduced our laboratory in NAIST Open Campus.
  • 2017/4/17 Four new M1 students join the laboratory.

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