Welcome to the Interactive Media design Lab!

Our vision is to introduce Augmented Reality into the everyday lives of everyone on this planet.
Augmented Reality is a technology that enhances human vision with computer generated graphics. In order to achieve our vision, it is imperative to merge three currently distinct research fields into one: Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, and Human-Computer Interaction.
The lab is co-directed by Professor Hirokazu Kato and Associate Professor Christian Sandor and includes several assistant professors, postdocs, graduate students and visitors.


  • 2016/8/5 Masaki Kaga joined the laboratory as an internship student
  • 2016/7/1 Assistant Professor Alexander Plopski has joined our lab.
  • 2016/6/1 Teerapat Chaupetch and Chutikan Noikanchara joined the laboratory as an internship student
  • 2016/5/14  We showed research demonstrations at the open campus for prospective students


Nara Institute of Science and Technology

Graduate School of Information Science

ACM Symposium on Spatial User Interaction
Tokyo, Japan
15-16 October, 2016